The guarded beauty secrets of  damsels of Simla in the Sixties

The guarded beauty secrets of damsels of Simla in the Sixties

The ever faithful Angithee would serve the Simla householders to its last speck of light and heat. After “raat ka khana” we would sit close to the Angithee where Amma would have put the big water heating vessel called “Tarmayada” on the last flames of Angithee. The daily ritual of washing our feet in hot water was to be solemnised under the hawk like eyes of Amma. She would make us keep our feet dipped and then to scrub off the dead skin with pumice stone. I would dry my wet feet on the jute bori….and wow they looked better.

Once the feet-washing ritual would be done with, we all would sit around the dying flames of Angithee, in a much closer circle, to get the best till the ambers of keri died. Amma would put milk to the last boil of the day. But before that a little of malai would be kept in a katori. This was the secret potion to our beauty.

Winter cold in Simla would make our skin dry and patched, the term we used was “fatt jana”… And simple malai would be the cure for that. Amma would put on our small extended;- palms a little of malai, the thick creme of the milk, and ask us to apply that on our faces. everyday, before we had our “beauty sleep”.


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