The Family…..

The picture, especially one taken during pre photoshopping apps days, doesn’t lie. So hete is my analysis of this …Here is my Bauji, sub-postmaster in Shimla, my Amma who later joined as a language teacher, my elder sister whose fair skin always gave me creeps for my complexion and I, the dark one of the family…dreaming and weaving stories, all the time. I remember this was bright orange salwar and checked flowered shirt, Amma had stiched for us…perfect in the style in vogue those days. I specifically asked Amma to put Kajal, not in my eyes but draw a slight projection outside my eyes, as I firmly believed it would make me look beautiful! I don’t know wherefrom I had got this weird idea, must have seen the posters near the tunnel, with heroines having such eye makeup. Amma in black printed shirt and Boski ki salwar, soft and silky in touch and net dupatta, and ofcourse sandals! We had boyish shoes in our feet….as perhaps, I must have had tomboyish attitude so unfit for girlish dainty sandals. Not perhaps, but I am dead sure. Watching closely I find that I am trying to hide my shoes as the leather has whitened up because of the kicks that I used to hurl at every object while running hither and thither. My sister’s shoes are so spick and span. But come-what-may you cannot deny a small girl the pleasure of having a sandals, even if the girl is more of a tomboy!! My grouse stll stands on account of this. Bauji, standing tall and poised, as ever I remember him to be. The pillar of strength for whole of the family and especially my hero! We were so excited on this day, I was!! I literally ran to the Roshan Studio where this picture was taken by the famous photographer, in the year 1963.

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