What’s in a name…

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”

On Ridge Benches in Sixties in Shimla

In this journey of life I literally forgot that I was Saroj. With parents gone who called me Saroj, there are very few people left to address me this way. I have a friend in Hamirpur, my childhood friend. I religiously meet her , if not for anything else, to listen to the sweet sound of my name from her mouth. When she says, “Arre Saroj…!!!!” and I am the same old girl, somewhere.

The best was when I met a few childhood friends from my close circle in an online group I have recently joined. Messages were exchanged on FB, contact numbers were shared. I got a call in the evening and the caller asked for ‘Kalo’, it was a heavenly experience, the feeling of never having lost the connection, as if we had never parted. The icing on the cake was that right from my friend and his mother everyone was calling me Kalo or Saroj!!

Am I experiencing the Corona blues by behaving this way? No, I believe that to travel back in time is the most healing experience for your body and soul, especially during these challenging times of lockdown as we can, at least, unlock the deep recesses of our very core!.

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