Six and three—Sixty-three: The number that defines me?

Sixty-third Birthday of a Young Woman!

When small, I was dead sure that an Sixty-three years old woman meant an extremely old woman; weak, fragile and sick who needed to be looked after. But today when I have turned Sixty-three, I don’t feel old at all. On the other hand I feel as if the real life is yet to start. I have so much to do. Our home is still under construction and once we complete it, I would like to do the interiors and the exteriors in my own way. I have thought of the paintings that I want to make and put on the walls. There are soooooo many books that I have collected over the years, which I plan to read at some free time, I am waiting for that free time to read those books. I had thought of penning down so many memories that are literally over-flooding my nitwit brain, all that still needs to be brought to life! And the closets and trunks overflowing with to-be-stitched clothes are another area that needs my personal intervention. As if all this is not enough, the personal bucket list is full of so many places I want to visit. The bohemian spirit that inhabits my body wants me to jump in any HRTC bus and go wherever the bus is heading for. To stay at any home in the wilderness, without any plan, to get lost in the wilderness wherever it may lead me to….Oh! The list is limitless as is my imagination. And for all that I have to be in good physical shape, can’t afford to fall sick. Can’t afford to be feeble both mentally and physically. With so much on hand, how can I ever call myself an old woman?

So I look forward to a very happening year ahead…a happening life ahead. A very Happy and Healthy wala Birthday to ME!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Six and three—Sixty-three: The number that defines me?

  1. Jagdish Singh

    Belated Happy Birthday, in all wilderness of serenity !! This post marks a silver lining amidst desert clouds !!! Sometimes, hope sustains life, and sometimes life sustains hope. Cheers !!!!

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