Roles Reversed…?

If I could peep inside your little heart, when you were small, I surely would have seen the strength that you had! But for me you were just a “second” child born to me and your being a “girl” child made you special but, sure enough, in a negative way! I had already my hands filled with so many tasks at hand and your arrival jeopardized many of the plans that I had for my life.

But it was now on “our” life. If on one hand I could see my ownself being reflected in you, I wanted you to turn up even much stronger than I was supposed to be. Like you, I too, was a second daughter to my parents, so how can I not understand your special needs! You looked at me for approval, appreciation and acceptance! A close hug was all that you needed at that time. And there was no scarcity of hugs from a mother to her Little one!

Despite having much on your frail shoulders…the baggage of expectations,


you did splendid… much better than what my middle class upbringing could have thought of.

And that evening when you stood waiting for me at Rome airport, I could feel that the roles had reversed, I was taken care of you, so lovingly, by you my Little one! When we roamed together in the streets of Florence, when you wanted me to enjoy every little moment of life, I lived another lifetime, when roles had “reversed”! Now I looked at you with admiration and searched for approval, appreciation of many antics that made me feel outlandish. I was there in your heart so there was no need of any acceptance. You have grown in a way that would make any mother proud my Little one!

But I know for certain that inside you still lies a small girl, looking expectantly for approvals and appreciations and there lies a small girl lurking inside the veneer of strength waiting to be cuddled and hugged! Many hugs to you my Little one on your birthday! Happy Birthday my dear!

5 thoughts on “Roles Reversed…?

  1. Vijay Shankar

    I am unable to gather words. My eyes traversed from dry to moist and then filled with joy that both persons are known to me. And I feel myself lucky that I know both of you ….. God bless the little girl, a responsible women and a proud mother.

  2. Jagdish Singh

    Respected Saroj jee,

    I am not known to you and your nears and dears in person as Vijay Shankar jee or others must have the privilege..
    But have the sheer luxury of going through the content and context of writing on this blog as a reader.
    I was born and brought up in hills of Himachal and had my schooling in Hindi Medium, later, was a college dropout …
    I relish the aromatic and nostalgic ingredients of your blog posts and eagerly wait for fresh update.

    I must compliment for your portrayal of early Shimla. days. It is as awe inspiring as ‘Malgudi Days’ by R.K. Narayan.

    As this blog stats (98,961 hits as on 20th Oct, 2015) are marching gloriously towards ‘1,00,000 hits’, some more commemorating post of bygone era will cast the magic live once again for its avid readers like me.

    Keep writing as always.. as there are some expressively dumb who always look froward for an effortless expression.

    Best Regards

    Jagdish Singh

  3. Saroj mam,
    This is so lovely, I wonder how your daughter would have felt such flow of emotions when she would have read that.
    You are just amazing.
    I too want my parents to feel the same reverse in roles soon. I just hope that I could be as good as they want me to be.
    Loads of Love and Best wishes.

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