We have come a long way but have miles to go further….Reflecting on the Raising Day of NIT Hamirpur


07 August, 2014

Many years ago, to be precise, on 07 August, 1986, Regional Engineering College Hamirpur was established in a small rustic town of Hamirpur in Himachal Pradesh. The small town suddenly came alive with girls and boys from the far off places—distant and unheard of for the people of Hamirpur! Girls and boys from Delhi, North-east, down South and all other places of the country thronged the roads of Hamirpur.The simple and rustic people looked admiringly at the students who would become Engineers! Such was the feeling of awe generated by the first batch of the students of the then REC that almost everyone in the town would recognize and applaud them I am sure my students from the First batch and thereafter batches carry some pleasant memories of their stay in Hamirur.
I was the first warden of the Girls’ Hostel. Being a local, I would be invited to many functions in the town. And whosoever would come to invite me would say, “Bring these girls also along with you!” and would add “where would they get an opportunity to eat our Dhaam!” And I would tag along all the girls and like a mother-hen would steer them to the Dhaam!
As the first Girls’ Hostel was situated in a building near HRTC workshop…almost all the local drivers of the HRTC buses would recognize the students. These are some of the positive outcomes that one gets in small town! Since the girls; would have to go to Baru, the Polytechnic, where our first batches had their classes, these drivers would stop the bus whenever the girls’ would ask for a lift!
Not only this, during any problem in the hostel like failed electric current or any other problem, the HRTC workshop personnel would be first ones that we would contact to bail us out!
Such was a simple way of life on and around the campus that we lived like a small family.
Today when we claim to have come a long way, I look back nostalgically, at the years gone by and search for all these things. There is nothing like the life that we had in the beginning. We had less of facilities and more of cooperation. We sacrificed more for the benefit of others. we were, in plain language, simple folks.
Now there is abundance of everything but, sadly, we lack trust amongst ourselves. Everyone is in hurry to grab all that he can…be it the students, the teachers or the locals!
We have lost contact with the world of innocence and have now reached the world of experience! We have come a long way in these Twenty Eight years and have miles to go further…. Where would this journey lead us to….I am not sure of….Honestly not sure of!!!


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