Rain retrieves remembrances….

It rained today. A much awaited rain it was. The fragrance emitting from the parched earth when rain drops touched it refreshed not only our soul but also refreshed many memories. Surprisingly all these memories take me back to my childhood. And the smell of frying pakoras emanating from the kitchen of my Amma still fills my nostrils with a never-ending desire to have more and more of crispy golden pakoras with chutney! Electric Mixers and grinders were unheard of during those days and it was the ever faithful Kundi-danda that did the trick of transforming green mint and coriander leaves, along with other spices,  into  smooth  chatni.

Perhaps Amma wanted to restrict us to our small little home by alluring us to lip smacking eatables. With a life bereft of TV, video games, computers or in short all those screens that keep modern kids immersed in their own little world, outside world held greater charm to us. And we would run out of our safe home to explore the outside world. I learnt to enjoy and appreciate little joys of life that didn’t cost a penny but have become a source of happiness to me even today.

Today when I came out in the verandah to enjoy the rains, I was hooked to the sight of raindrops glistening like pearls on the green leaves. Watching the dazzling water drops I was transported to the world of my childhood when we would see the same magical diamonds on green leaves wandering around Shimla green areas.

The Sanp ki Buti would fascinate and terrorize us at the same time. Its proud green hood like a serpent would make us shiver but the water droplets shining on its bright green surface would dazzle us. We would go near it with a trembling heart. afraid that a snake may not be lying hidden nearby, but there would be no snake around. And the child who would go and touch those deadly beautiful saanp-ki-buti would be acclaimed a brave-heart!

I moved close to the ornamental plant whose leaves had retained the dazzling water droplets on it and lovingly touched the water! Instinctively, I moved away, watching around for a snake lying hidden nearby and realized I was much away, in time and space,  from my childhood.

The fist splash of rain in Hamirpur had retrieved many remembrances of my childhood which belong to a period of golden past!


5 thoughts on “Rain retrieves remembrances….

  1. The rains have brought us back to life literally here too Ma’am. I enjoyed reading the post as much as I enjoyed seeing it both the images and the imagery. I also loved the rain drenched NIT Hamirpur shot.

  2. aarkay54

    What a nostalgia!This transported me back to my childhood. With all those modern kitchen gadgets crowding the kitchen, cooking now is more of a ritual than labour of love. The shayar NIda Faazli has very well summed up in his nazm- Maa-

    “Besan ki sondhi roti par Khatti chatni jaisi maa……….”

    Chatni symbolized mother’s love also .

    Every thing very nicely put & beautiful pics !

  3. aarkay54

    ………………saanp ki booti, saanp ki chhalli- the red coloured cob with maize- like grains , the pyali phool are hard to come by these days. The ‘kheera ‘ growing on bichhu booti , if one was lucky to pluck it , was worth the effort or the ’ sting ‘-like sensation on the skin.!

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