Why don’t I write these days?

Many of my friends and foes (?) might be wondering why don’t I write these days? What stops me from putting my thoughts on my blog which, no doubt, is a big open public place? Well, even I wonder at times why and what stops me from expressing my thoughts. Is it that I have nothing more to write? No, on the contrary I have abundance of feelings, emotions and stray thoughts that I want to share. Then why on earth I still not write anything? It has been a long time, a very long time!
The fact is that I have had so many bitter feelings about many people that I thought to be my “friends” that had I written anything it would have been pure venom split out in a public place so the best thing was to let the feelings simmer down and then to write about them as dispassionately and objectively as possible I didn’t know whether I was ready for objective writing or not and felt that perhaps I was not and therefore kept on deferring giving a vent to my feelings. .
Yesterday at a get-together I looked at many of them and surprisingly I realized that I looked at them not with a feeling of hatred but a feeling of pity that you have when you look at a spineless creeping creature who suddenly is about to be trampled by your next step!!! And finally I realized that what I fool had I been to even let these come near me for many years. You never let a creeping loathsome creature come near you! 🙂
And now I feel that I must talk and write about all those feelings that have now simmered down to give me most dispassionate analysis about people and and their ways in the real world!

2 thoughts on “Why don’t I write these days?

  1. “And we forget because we must, And not because we will”; said Mathew Arnold. We can work on our previously held thoughts and move on with the new impressions of people. Plasticity of our brain has this potential.

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