Aarush Turns Two Today…

If I say that Time flies, it would not be an overstatement. Time really does fly leaving behind memories–good and bad. Not exactly memories but a strange pinch of feelings of pain and pleasure. And of these happy memories bring a full smile on my face. Aarush, my grandson, came to my life exactly at a point of time when I needed something great to happen in my life so that my mind could be diverted from the petty selfish happenings, taking away all my positive life force, could be slowed down. I forgot about everything else and focused on a small bundle of joy who seemed so vulnerable and weak. But gradually I learnt that Aarush has got his fighting genes from his Nani and he fought everything, be it a severe jaundice during his early days of birth!

Iam so proud of you my dear and today when you turn two years old and smile back at me i thank God for being so good to us. Despite what all that the ignorant may term as very “bad” ever happened to me, i do not stop thanking God every bit of my life for being so caring and merciful for us. He knew the best for us and gave us the Best. What more could I have ever asked for?

Happy Birthday dear Aarush for being a ray of light in our life when we were literally  groping in dark!


4 thoughts on “Aarush Turns Two Today…


    Wishing Dear Aarush ..the very best on his birthday .. May God shower all the Blessings on dear Aarush … ever ..

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