Trekking to Kamru Nag in Winter: A rare experience to cherish

The trek to Kamrunag in Winter months is worth all the troubles as the sight of the snow covered Kamrunag lake and the simple wooden temple of Kamrunag beside it dissipates all the troubles that one might experience during the trek. Te experience is worth giving a try.

Saturday, 12 February, 2011

The Sun was covered midst overcast sky. The wind was fresh and chilly. We all were suitably dressed to face the chill during the trek but unfortunately were not guarded against rain! The nuzzles of grass on the slopes around us and the slopy fields being prepared reiterated that Spring was not far behind. The sight of women carrying Kiltas full of manure was a pleasant change from the distant snow covered mountains. We reveled in the sight of these women knowing well that very soon all remnants of human population would vanish from our sight. The women folks were pleasant looking and smiling. They had quite big loads on their back but  still some of them had knitting needles in their hands and were busy knitting, even wile plying through the capricious sidelines of the slopey hilly terraced fields. They exchanged smiles with us. Wished us a pleasant journey though added cautiously, “you should have come after a month when the weather would have become pleasant.” Then added as an afterword, “Go on and have the darshana of the deo.”

Gradually as we started the ascent, the air became chillier and was biting coldly at our faces and the overcast sky became darker. We had a worried look at one another but moved on. I was so worried about KS as he was taking a big chance of undertaking this arduous trek. We had decided to walk at a slow pace and to sit after short intervals to catch breath. As some well wishers had forewarned us about the wild animals that we may come across, we were walking in a group. We might have trekked one third of the ascent when we saw the snow at dark and shady portions of the trail. We all were excited. I looked up at the distant top which seemed to be covered with snow but I thought that the path would be clear though the tops and slants may be covered with snow. We moved on.

During the last one third of the ascent we were surprised to see snow all around. There was no path to speak of, the white snow had covered all the traces of the trail! We moved on but found that the snow had become hard at the parts where we could find some track and was very slippery. Everybody would slip once in a while. I was much worried about KS as his shoes were very slippery. The sole of the old shoes had no grooves left  and was absolutely plain. We were at a point where from neither we could get back nor could dare to move forward. We decided to move forward. Ashu, my son, would help his Papa holding is hand and supporting him.

We walked and walked amidst snow and suddenly my sister’s son shouted, “Ah the lake is covered in snow!” We had reached Kamrunag and the mere look at the divine lake covered in snow made us forget all the troubles that we had faced. The small wooden temple of Kamrunag with snow covered top beside the snow layered lake was a divine and blissful scene out of the ordinary world! We had seen and felt what we never could dream of!

The real pleasure of seeking the blessings of Kamrunag is when one treks through the rocky terrain, through the deep deodar forests to reach his temple at Kamru Nag. The sight of a simple temple beside Kamru lake is simple blissful and the devotees are immersed in a divine experience of a lifetime!

To be continued…


5 thoughts on “Trekking to Kamru Nag in Winter: A rare experience to cherish

  1. I Want to go on December 18th. Kindly Advice and please let me know the exact way to reach this place.
    I will go on bike.
    Info Required:
    till what point I can drive?
    after that how much time it will take to reach this place?
    things to carry?
    and parking and stay facilities?

    [Please note: I am quite familiar to such place in winter, so no problem of Health or risks.]

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