Counting my Blessings….

A news item in the Tribune that Kamru Nag, the reigning deity of Mandi Shivratri, has descended down from his abode in the majestic top of the Kamrah village to bless his devotees  at Mandi Shivratri reminded me of our visit to the Kamru Nag temple. A very recent visit i.e. on 12 February, 2011, is remarkable for many things as I sincerely could count my blessings rather than rue over my trials and tribulations!

Friday, 11 February, 2011

Trekking to Kamrunag in Winter…

“Can we trek to Kamru Nag during this time of the year?” was a query that my son had during his recent visit. I had no answer to it and asked one and all who had any idea about trekking to KamruNag durig winter months. The answers baffled me. Someone advised, “It is much risky, as there may be bears in the prowl!” Another one warned, “the snow on the slopes is tricky and dangerous!” The best advice, though, was, “if go you must, go in a group.” As my son would have gone back had we waited for the better times to trek to Kamrunag, we had no choice than to decide to go to Kamrunag in the month of February. And this year the prolonged winters in Himachal made our trekking decision too dicey and affair.So one fine morning on 11 February, 2011 we started in the morning for Rohanda, which is some 45 kilometers from Sundernagar. The trek to Kamrunag is difficult but the real pleasure of seking his blessings is when one treks through the rocky terrain passing the deep deodar forests to reach his temple at Kamru Nag.

We reached Rohanda at 10 a.m. The air was chilly. The sky was overcast with clouds though there  seemed very less probability of rain but you can’t say anything as it is the abode of rain god that we wished to reach! We had slight heated discussion at Rohanda as I was not at all inclined to take along my husband KS to this trek. We had planned earlier that he would stay at Rohanda while all of us went trekking up Kamrunag! I had a very solid point. Ever since his hear injury, I had become very protective towards him. Taking him to this trek was nothing less than taking a big risk and I was not in any mood to risk his safety and health at all. But stubborn as he, too, is like me, he brought out two walking sticks from the rear of the car and said jokingly, There are to support the two oldies in the group.” He wanted to come. My son, too, wanted him to come, but he didn’t know much about the precarious condition that  his  Papa, after his mysterious head injury, had been in the Neurosurgery Emergency ward of PGI Chandigarh!

I had to give up and we started for Kamrunag with prayers in our heart. The local people looked at us with starange mix of feelings. They had seen young people taking a chance of trekking to Kamrunag at this tiem of the year but not persons like us! But we moved on.

To be continued…


2 thoughts on “Counting my Blessings….

  1. Saurabh Bhakri

    Dear Madam .. it shows that it was purely unshaken faith and determination, the will power of you all that fructified into ur pilgrimage finally.. Hats off.. JAI HO DEVTA KAMRU NAAG KI !

  2. aarkay

    Hats off your grit and determination. !

    ” Qadam choom leti hai khud aa ke manzil ,
    Magar jab musafir himmat na haare ! “

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