A Pleasant Surprise awaited at our doorstep…


29 January, 2011


My son stood, smiling and laughing, one fine day, unexpected and unannounced, at our door steps. Imagine my surprise when I opened the door when the door bell buzzed at 10-30 p.m. and found both, my son and my daughter, standing out with a big broad smile on their face! I couldn’t believe it, I thought it to be a dream but it was not.  “Mumma” shouted both of them and I needn’t pinch myself to be sure of their presence. By this time KS, too, had come to the door to hear all the commotion that he felt. Hamirpur being a small town, visiting friends late at 10-30 p.m. is not a common thing, unless it is an emergency. He was worried that who could ring our door bell that late. A look at the duo entering home was enough to make his eyes wide open in surprise. And more so since he had gone to bed at around 9-30 p.m.!

“When did you come?” was all that I was able to mutter.

And then I asked my daughter in a bit stern voice, “and you knew about all this?”

“He wanted to surprise you” she muttered sheepishly! ”

Later we came to know how the duo had changed buses to reach Hamirpur and then had taken a taxi to reach home. That day the NIT students had protested against the Taxi operators and no Taxi-wallah was ready to take my kids to NIT campus but still both of them instead of calling us preferred to request a Taxi-wallah to take them to NIT, assuring him that they were not STUDENTS at NIT! Finally they were dropped at  the Gate no I where from they dragged and carried all their bags and baggage to surprise us out of our sleep!

We all were so happy! My son was at home after almost three years. I was looking at his face, his soft curls and his eyes that wanted to seep in all that had happened during these three years when he was away from home. he wanted to know everything. I knew that the stories of these past three years were painful so I was a bit cautious about relating them. I needed time and so did he to gradually seep in all that he was so curious to know. “Some other day, might be” was all that I said to him when he pestered me to know about so many things on his first day of arrival. I needed time to compose myself as these three years we had seen the worst and the best! I wanted to begin from the best that had happened to us.

That day we all slept in one room as we had so much to share and kept on talking about various things. It never felt for a second that he was away for such a long time. My son was home and my little one, as usual, escorted him!

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