Life during Winters in Himachal…

A Lesson learnt during my Visit beyond Rohtang!

The weather is cold in Himachal these days. Even in lower areas of Himachal the temperature has gone down and cold wave has made people live indoor most of the time. I sit wrapped in quilt and blanket and getting my hands out to type on keyboard of my Laptop seems cumbersome to me. I wonder how the people in the higher reaches of Himachal might be reeling under the cold wave when the temperature in those areas has gone much down the freezing temperature. This question had assailed me during my visit to Keylong in the month of October. Even October was cold from my standards. I had asked my host about how they spend long winters when life seems to come to a standstill in any cold region. His answer surprised me. “We have lots to do during the winter months.” Pointing towards the cozy woolen spreads on the floor, he said, “our women make these rugs during winter months.” I was so surprised. They looked beautiful.

And what he added to this initial information made me admire the courage and ingenuity of these simple hill people! “All women gather at one household in the village and spin wool, work on loom and other sundry jobs.” I though that this was a good way to spend the long day and have a good time as well. “So the women take their own spinning jobs and sit at one home to do that in a group?” I asked. “No, when they go to one home they do all the jobs which belong to that household!” he said. Now this was indeed a real community work. These people had developed their own ways and means to get the best out of the worst climatic conditions and the way to finish the work of one household by putting combined efforts would teach the modern Business Schools some lessons in planning!

I admired the simplicity and the indomitable spirit of the people of Keylong who would stand up and tall in a crowd of average people only because of their spirit and hard work. And I felt ashamed of the fact that I was shirking from getting my hands out of the cozy quilt that provided warmth to me in the moderately cold weather of Hamirpur.

2 thoughts on “Life during Winters in Himachal…

  1. aarkay

    Rightly said Ma’am. The simplicity and indomitable spirit of these people who can be truly called “prakriti ke manas putr/putriyan ” is enviable . In other areas also, in villages, in living memory, a function in one family was considered a community function with every one contributing his or her bit. Not only marriages but periodic rituals like “gobrai ” when cow sheds were cleared of the cowdung were attended by one and all . Alas the scenario has changed altogether in villages also where each individual should have his own separate room with TV etc etc. The camaraderie visible in these areas is simply great

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