Rays of Sun on the Morning of 01 January, 2011

01 January, 2011

The Sun was peeping from behind the pine trees. The Sun of the first day of January 2011. It heralded hopes and dreams of a future full of promises–promises which were long overdue!

The Sun rays bathed everything in golden haze and the golden luster drove away all the black shadows of the previous year, the black shadows that still clouded my mind wiht doubt and uncertainty.

I look forward to the year 2011 as a year to remember as I have resolved to fulfill many a resolutions that I have made to my ownself! Amen!


One thought on “Rays of Sun on the Morning of 01 January, 2011

  1. saurabh bhakri

    nice pictures of the very first rays of the rising sun in 2011…. Wishing you, sir & family .. and ofcourse resepcted Mata ji… a great year and may you all remain blessed with great health, joy, happiness, prosperity … in abundance ! best regards

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