Everlasting Impressions….

The day I crossed river Beas on, a very simple and rustic, boat, I learnt so many lessons of my life. I learnt that it is ingenuity and honesty that drives certain people wherever they may be and whatever they may be doing. And I got an answer to a query that often had raised its ugly  head during the entire 2010 that who are the people that run our country if the corruption level has increased so much. Well, God wanted me to meet one of them and that too in a very remote areas of Mandi, at Sanda Pattan near Sandhole.

He told me that his name was Pinku and he worked for a contractor. His job is to carry people from one shore to the other of river Beas.As there was only one boat in sight and I was confused as how to cross the river if he was not there. He smiled at me and told that he lived nearby and is available most of the time. Local people even call him on mobile at odd hours if they need his services. Whether this was a service without any “overtime” allownace or perhaps he must be charging exorbitantly for untimely calls, I thought. What if he asks for some amount of money as fare from me as well, as I was a stranger and a novice,  I thought.

As it was my first visit and I was ignorant of the charges for crossing the river. When I reached safely the other bank of the river, I asked him how much money I had to pay.  “Five Rupees” he said softly. I was taken aback. It was too meager a sum for his services and especially when there were only three passengers on his boat. I gave him Ten rupee note and asked him to keep that. Can you believe what did he say? He refused to take ten rupees from me when the fare was only five rupees! I was dumbstruck! I wanted to take a picture of his boat. He stood on his boat looking at my camera. “Can I get a picture?” he asked me. “Sure, I’ll send you some,” I said. “I need the ones that are used on forms” he explained. He wanted to have passport sized pictures. I explained to him that I would be able to send him ordinary pictures but not the ones that he needed. He quietly listened to me. When I started the ascent through the rocky path, he waived his hand and shouted, ” send me copies of these pictures”. I watched from some height and saw his boat move to another side of the river. His contentment, attitude and service taught me a great lesson.

I got an answer to the query that if India has so many of corrupt persons than how come we still are not only surviving but flourishing as well. It is because there are persons like Pinku who abound every walk of life in India who still believe and practice honest.

5 thoughts on “Everlasting Impressions….

  1. Saurabh Bhakri

    It is one of the rarest examples of extreme uncorrupted minds,contented souls with all the honesty and loyalty to what they do .. and ofcourse with all the noble intentions .. We can imagine the difference such human beings hall make to the over all progress, prosperity of the society in general and the nation as you have mentioned …

  2. rndm

    It is a hope that keeps the world moving, a tender ray of light that enlightens the world. Even if the dark forces may seem too dominating a mere light shall lead us.
    After reading the post I can only try to reach rather close at a sense of exhilaration and astonishment that you would have experienced during the encounter.

  3. aarkay

    Certainly a silver lining in the dark clouds we see everywhere hovering over our heads. But can one swallow make the spring-that’s the question that stares us in the face. Thanks , Ma’am for sharing this wonderful experience with us. And , hats off to Pinku for keeping the torch burning bright !

  4. Vinod Kumar Rathore

    People like Pinku are great and deserve praise everywhere.This the story of many Indians who are self contented and are still miles away from the Corrupt part of the same country.A very good effort made by the writer. it may arise the sleeping soul of many of us.

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