Amma’s maiden visit to Delhi…

Today Amma reached Delhi! it is her first visit to the capital of the nation! it may be surprising for many of you but it is true that my Amma has never been to Delhi. It is her maiden visit! She is always contended being where she belonged  to. No pilgrimages for her. No LTC tours though she retired as a teacher from Government jobs. Perhaps she would always  relegate backstage all such visits and would prefer to be with her children and grandchildren. I have written earlier that she traveled a motor bike on a rough and rugged road when she knew that I needed her. That is how my Amma has been!

Treat her well Delhi, with love and care, she is very special person! At least very special to all of us who adore her.


4 thoughts on “Amma’s maiden visit to Delhi…

  1. I hope she doesnt find it too harsh for taste… hope she gets to see only the good side of Delhi.

    BTW Mam I love your new theme for the blog (I have been away from the blogosphere for quite some time so am noticing only now)

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