The Unsolved Queries…

21 December, 2010

It has been two years today but the memory of the fateful day 21 December, 2008 is still fresh in my mind. And why won’t it be as it shattered our peaceful life. On this day a call from a complete stranger changed my world. A call informing me about the grave traumatic head injury of my husband. God has been very merciful to us and K S is fine today but the unsolved mystery as to what had happened still makes me sleepless nights.


5 thoughts on “The Unsolved Queries…

  1. saurabh bhakri

    namaskaar, no doubt memories do bring shiver at times especially on the specific day & date when something had happened while remembering those times … but yes, By the Grace of Almighty .. Sir is hale & hearty .. so let the memories of that untoward incident evade your mind as soon as you can …

    Wishing him and you healthy life together …best rgds

  2. The Little one

    Maa, strength is being in deep rut and still having a faith in you, that you will make it fine!

    And once done, the satisfaction is in looking back, thanking that Higher Power for everything, and whosoever stood by you, friends/strangers!

    And then we let it go! 🙂 The moment has arrived, and we know that!

  3. aarkay

    It is best to count His blessings and thank Him for seeing us through troubles , now and then. However memories do haunt one , as we cannot help all this , being human.

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