A Gaze from behind the Gauze…

Sunday,12 December, 2010

Amma was sitting in a chair outside my home. The Sun rays of the morning time made her face shine in a glow that made me fetch my camera. Amma was busy talking to one od my neighbor and friends and she would not look at me or my camera. Recently she has become shy of camera, I don’t know why? But undeterred by her stance, I clicked some pics of her without her knowledge. And while watching the pics I found them to be beautiful  shots as the focus in these pictures is not on the subject but on the dialogue between age and youth, between experience and adventure and between hope and belief!

The iron gauze has acted as a filter to distinguish between the chaff and the grains and I could see a new-look Amma! A new dimensional Amma!


2 thoughts on “A Gaze from behind the Gauze…

  1. saurabh bhakri

    Namaskaar madam,

    like the way you hv expressed your feelings, your take how u view your love .. attachment with Respected Mataji.. (your mother) and how u relate the environs, surroundings… and attaching to all the much deserved importance… Respected parents, elders all need our love and respect… with all the care… we cud extend to them … and it showers from your end… the love you express … Noble feelings ..as a noble person … you are… And we respect that…. and thank for sharing such moments …with sincerest regards to Mataji and wishing great health & to the family….

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