Rejoicing the glory of an honorable retirment of my husband…

Tuesday, 30 November, 2010

K.S.. my husband,  after a span of 34 years and about 6 months of having served the department of Animal Husbandry, got retired on 30 November, 2010. And the fact that we have been married for 32 years and 7 months speaks of the fact that I have seen him dedicating himself, soul and heart, in the job that he had undertaken at a very young age! It was a moment of a proud achievement for whole of the family! I could feel how contended it is for the person, and all the members if the family, to attain retirement after superannuation!

I along with my younger daughter was with K S to share his proudest and most sentimental moments of his career. I might write later of my feelings but I had to write something so that the feeling of happiness that I rejoiced sharing the glory of my husband’s retirement, is shared with my readers before it gets stale!

It was a wonderful mix of emotions. If there was a bit of sadness there was more of a sense of proud accomplishment. We missed Ashu and Nidhu, Vikrant, my son-in-law and Aarush, my grandson,the most important member of the family, a lot at this get-together! But one child with us made more than enough to keep us bonded together.

Looking at the pictures I can say with a sense of proud that despite having seen some very hard times, we have laughed together to this Day!


4 thoughts on “Rejoicing the glory of an honorable retirment of my husband…

  1. aarkay

    Really a proud and happy moment for the family. Heartiest congratulations ! Duty performed with dedication is its own reward. KS must be a contented person.

  2. Saurabh Bhakri

    Thanks for sharing your feelings, the pictures … No doubt an acheivement is sensed, on such an occasion of having completed the tenure of service … A new phase of life awaits with open hands …
    here is wishing the very best to sir& family

  3. Dada

    Ma’m, Congratulations … to KS for passing through one phase of life and completing one job with dedication and honor. Difficulties in life lived together make the bond more strong and the life more interesting and challenging.

    I pray God to give you and KS a happy and enjoyable many-many years together.


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