Shame Sony India: Poor after Sale Service!!!

So when my ever faithful camera, that was like a new eyes to me, died suddenly, one day, I was desperate. It had not died. It had all other things working except taking and displaying pictures, and I always thought that cameras are for taking pictures! Well, as I said earlier, I thought it to be CCD problem as all the symptoms were the same. Light or dark blurred display on the LCD and on my Laptop. I started searching for a place where the problem could be solved. I wrote to wo ho-so-ever I could think of. Ironically there was no reply from Sony India but when I wrote to Sony Asia Pacific, the India office got into action. I got a call from someone in their Delhi service center and I was advised to go to Shimla service center.

I traveled six hours’ arduous bus journey to take my camera to Sony service center at Shimla. I was told that it was at Sanjauli but when i reached Sanjauli I was told by a Sony shop there that the service center was near the tunnel at Dhalli! I walked all the way to Dhalli and was happy to see the sign of Johny Electronics, the authorized Sony Service center! I heaved a sigh of relief as I had reached where my camera will get a new lease of life. But, unfortunately, the man who would have inspected the camera was not there and moreover I didn’t have any papers with me regarding the purchase of my camera. So back I had to come with my camera. Another visit to Hamirpur and this time I gathered all the receipts which luckily were in the packing of the camera that i had stacked atop an cupboard! Another tiring trip to Shimla and the same excursion to Dhalli. This time I met the man and he asked me to leave the camera with his center. Ah! What a torture it was to be separated from my ever faithful one but I didn’t have a choice. Leaving the camera and taking a receipt from a young girl, I walk back.

Then started a period of wait–wait for a call from the Sony people. One fine day they called me to tell that the camera would have to be sent to Ludhiana Service center of Sony to be inspected by a service manager. I agreed as what else could I do. So my poor thing was sent to Ludhiana. Again I had to wait for a tidings from Ludhiana. One day I got a call from Sony Shimla and the girl on-line told me that the camera repair estimate was 8000/ and some Rs. They wanted my nod to go ahead with the repair. The amount seemed to be staggering! I wanted to make a judgment. They had not said a word about CCD problem and had neither told what the defect was. I again wrote to Sony office. And can you believe what happened after that? I got a SMS on my mobile from Sony service center Ludhiana that the repair estimate is 14,416.50/ for job no. 000300683068. My God! I nearly fainted to look at the amount and more so because the Shimla Sony Service center had conveyed to me an amount of eight thousand and some rupees!

I wrote a mail to Sony service center at Ludhiana to tell me what is the exact amount for repair.  Someone wrote back to me that it was 8500/. Now tell me how could i have trusted the Sony people when they had quoted two different  estimates for the repair job and the difference was of 6000/, not a meager amount by any standards! I wrote back to them to send my camera back to as it was as I didn’t trust Sony any longer.

So I got my camera back. It had travelled a lot, had traversed a lots of hardships but still was un-repaired! Now if you wonder how am I taking pictures if I had not got my camera repaired by the Authorized Sony service center. It is because I once again searched the Net and found many camera repair shops in Delhi who do this job. I found one. I went to Delhi in the morning with my camera, took it to the camera repair shop and within an hour my camera was in my hands–in working condition! I had to pay one-fourth of the amount that Sony had asked for!

So it is no surprise that my son has now bought a Nikkon for me. Sony, you have lost a faithful customer by your poor after sale services in India! Shame Sony India, shame for bleeding the customers who trust you so much!


4 thoughts on “Shame Sony India: Poor after Sale Service!!!

  1. Saroj ji

    Sorry to hear about this. Please post your review on This is a review site of service of all Indian companies. I had a problem with Airtel DTH and once it was posted here, the company had looked into this.

    Let others also know how Sony treats it’s customers

  2. Dear Madam,

    Regret the inconvenience caused to you. We understand your concern and it shall surely be taken care of. Please share the details of Sony Centre at Ludhiana which assisted you with this problem. You can also report it to our official helpline at 1800-103-7799.

    Please be assured of high-quality products and service from Sony India.

    Sony India Team.

  3. Atul Nayyar

    Agreed with this. Purchased Sony Xperia S mobile in the month of June12, got faulty in July12, submitted to Sony repair center Shimla in the month of July ( 24th ) wide job no SE31265210228. When ever i am calling the repair center / Help line, simply one answer i am getting, CALL AFTER 2 DAYs. Now it’s more than a month and still not sure when i will get the same back.

    Totally frustrated with the Sale & service of SONY.

    1. gaurav

      Another case of pathetic service. Purchased a sony xperia phone on 24th december 2013. And on 31st december 2013 the screen went blank. The same issue has been ençountered 4 times and everytime all my data is lost. It is a pathetic quality of service and for sure not customer oriented. I have now doubts about the quality of products offered by the company. And the after sales center said on my face that feel free to go to consumer court.

      Wish i would not have trusted this company.

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