My Sony DSC H1 Camera…

Ah! its time that I write about my very interesting experiences with my camera. In fact it was my son’s idea to buy this camera in January, 2006 as soon as the camera hit the market. Even I was mesmerized by its looks and the fact that it looked very professional added to its charm. Though we thought hard whether to settle for a handy Sony camera or this one which would be too conspicuous to carry and display! My son. as all sons are in families, had the last word and we went for Sony H1 camera. Like all other Indian homes that I know of, my son became the exclusive owner of the camera. He would operate it while we, the lesser mortals, would watch him appreciating his technology awareness. Whenever we would touch it, it would be only to dust off any specks of invisible dust that we suspected to have settled on it. But I had fallen in love with the camera. My son taught me to handle it–handle with love and care ‘his’ camera. I started taking some pics. As the digital cameras don’t need anything else than a computer to download the pics so taking and downloading pics became much easy. DSC H1 has one problem. The time taken to focus on a picture is comparatively more so, in the beginning, my pictures would be a little out-of-focus. My son would not be worried as much about the out-of-focus pictures as he would be about the harm done to the shutter button if it was released without first holding it for some time till the camera focused on the object.

Gradually I became the sole owner of the camera when my kids moved out. I loved it as now I was the only owner that controlled it. it assisted me in reliving so many moments that would have otherwise blurred in my memory. with the passage of time. I could relive and re-experience many of such glorious moments.

And imagine the importance that it  attached to my persona when I moved around hanging this camera in my neck. I remember one very interesting incident when I wanted to click some pictures at Mandi Shivratri festival but was feeling shy to barge in the crowd of people in the Mela ceremony. A beaming police personnel said to me, “you can go ahead and take pictures.” He mistook me or perhaps my camera to be that of a Newspaper person. Such is the charm of the camera and it added enigma to my persona as well. Both of us enjoyed capturing importance with the assistance of each other. First it was love but now it had become a necessity for companionship.

You can imagine how heart-broken I was when one fine morning my camera would not show the pictures in the LCD! I tried hard. But it seemed to have developed some snag. I tried taking the pictures like a mad person. I clicked right left and everywhere. The pictures would be blank or grey or black but no figures. I tried downloading the pictures. The same blankness jeered at my face. it seemed as if my life had become all blank. I felt like a blind person. How much dependent had I become on my camera, I realized when it was not working. I put it safely in the cover and tried finding on NET what could have happened to it. Luckily for me I came across soem articles about CCD problem in Sony cameras and the world-wide recall offer to mend the cameras with the same symptoms that my Sony had developed. I was happy as I had, in my own novice manner, found out the malady having affected my camera.

Now I plunged into action, writing to Sony India about my camera and taking my camera to Sony service stations. What I learnt about the Sony after-sale-service promises is another story and a painful one that demands another blog post as I don’t want to spoil my mood and that of my readers reading about unprofessional attitude of Sony Service center!


2 thoughts on “My Sony DSC H1 Camera…

  1. The Little one

    And it will reach you by first week of December, courtesy my colleague at SF Office!

    Did we not turn out to be good kids Maa, the late bloomers? 😀

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