A Stitching Needle in Time…

Stitching needles

I never thought that such a small thing as a stitching needle would be so important that I would have to write a post about it. I knew well the adage “A stitch in time saves nine” but this adage can work well if one has a stitching needle in hand and that, too, in time. Today I went to the market with just one agenda in mind–to buy stitching needles. And when I asked the lady at the counter to give me 10 stitching needles, she looked at my face, her own face betrayed her curiosity. Why did I need to buy similar sized, round tipped, blunt ended ten stitching needles–passed her comprehension. I explained to her, though there was no reason for explaining, why I was buying these needles in such a big number. Her curiosity was quite right as one has ten fingers but can use only one needle at one time so why should one buy ten needles? In fact I learnt the importance of this blunt-headed needle yesterday when I needed it so badly. I searched all the probable places where I could imagine this needle to be. The safest place to have these needles, securely tagged, would be the paper calendars that adorned the plain walls of our home. But these days paper calendars are so unfashionable that we have only one to look at the dates of the month, that too occasionally!

The other safe place used to be the machine box that had all the paraphernalia concerned with machine work. I couldn’t find it there as well. I searched all the bags where I kept small remains of woolen balls. I thought someone might have a needle that I was searching for but no good luck! I wasted my energy and time in searching for such a small thing as a stitching needle but how important it was to me, I realized only yesterday.

To cut the long story short, I bought ten needles and came back home. When I was on way back to my home, I met a few of my erstwhile “colleagues”. With beaming faces some of them extended a smile in my direction. I was astounded. Did I need that smile today? No, I didn’t need it. I had badly searched for  it, at one time, when these very people had so shamelessly and spinelessly signed fictitious papers against me. Today, I am capable of looking after myself. I don’t need their support. I laughed aloud. It was so similar to finding a number of needles when one doesn’t need them as one has nothing to stitch.

And when it comes to empathy and smile, these two ingredients, stitch the shattered relationships and soiled souls but can you stitch something which is beyond repair. NO, I seriously doubt it. I am thankful to my search for a stitching needle that taught me this great lesson otherwise, sentimental fool as I am, I would have forgotten about all the daggers in my back that these very people had stabbed me with and had reciprocated their “smile”!


One thought on “A Stitching Needle in Time…

  1. aarkay

    Certainly this is a paradox.The needles that we need so badly at times to stitch also prick.This reminds me of Shylock’s famous lines “If you prick us do we not bleed ….”.
    Still unpleasant things are best forgotten .
    A nice post !

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