Memories and Dreams Captured on Camera…

I was watching some old pictures and came across a few of Aarush and my elder daughter. These pics were taken when she had come visiting me with Aarush.


Nani and Aarush

I don’t know how grandmothers acquire so much of energy and that too when they are constantly complaining of leg aches, backaches and all other aches. I never knew how could it happen. What was it that invigorated them with strength until I myself became a Nani. And I tested my strength and stamina when I was at Shimla. When my elder daughter finally planned to come to Shimla, I told her in no uncertain terms to bring Aarush’s Pram! I dreaded carrying him as I was an old woman and Shimla has so much of walking to undertake even if it meant a small walk. But when Nidhu came she had come with Aarush but sans the Pram. I was so angry with her. I was suspicious of the strength of my old muscles and bones. While my love for my grandson would make me carry him in my arms but soon i would be panting. I realized how difficult it is to carry a child even if the child is merely less than a year old and weighs just 7-8 kgs.


Both my daughters would dress themselves up, dressed to kill and the job of carrying Aarush would be left to my frail shoulders. In the beginning it was a bit hard but gradually my muscles and bones regained their strength. But looking back and especially at the pictures, i find that I loved it, loved it more than I ever said. Aarush would cuddle close to me and watch curiously at a new world sprawled before his tender eyes. He would listen to endless tales that I had to share. Watching some pics, I realize as if he understood it all. He would laugh when I had something interesting to share but would scowl when I would tell him a tale of my pain.


No Generation Gap

And the best of the pics is when I had taken him to my most revered aunty living in lower Bazaar. I had grown up, listening to stories about Shimla, at her feet and that day when Aarush sat in her lap, it was  blissful moment for me. Aarush seemed to understand the deep relationship that I nurtured with my aunty and sat so quiet while with her. From the window of her room, he looked out, the way long back his Nani used to look at the Arya Samaaj School and the lively Lower Bazaar. And today watching all those pics, I am regaling old memories and weaving new dreams at the same time. Life goes on and on. Perhaps some day Aarush would read all what I write today!



2 thoughts on “Memories and Dreams Captured on Camera…

  1. saurabh bhakri

    thanks ma’am for sharing lovely pics ….God give you more strength for giving joyrides to more grandchildren ….. on the Mall….and around …

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