The Warmth and Glory of Nature…

I decided to get up early today and go for a walk. It was 6-20 in the morning when I started. I straight way walked briskly to the ground. The sports ground looked so fresh and virgin in the morning as there was no one on the ground. Putting off my shoes I let my bare soles touch the earth and the green grass. It was pleasantly cold and the dew drops touched my soles. The touch was divine. I wondered and realized that it was after a life-time that I was walking bare foot on the plain earth. Gradually the strength from the mother earth permeated my very being, through my feet, and the simple touch was to fill my body with energy that I had forgotten, I ever posessed! I started running, gradually at first and adding momentum in a while. Ah! my old bones had to work so very hard. I was panting after half the circle. Taking control of my breath, I resumed brisk walk instead of running as I had gathered the momentum which  I didn’t want to bring to an abrupt end by stopping dead in the tracks. Having completed one full circle, I started with the second and then the third. I was full of self-achievement that I could walk, run after such a long period of inactivity. It was a blissful experience. My feet had become accustomed to walk on earth and the dew drops had washed them of any impurity that could have been there. I felt like a new person and walked back home. This time, on my return walk, it was gentle and slow. I wanted to enjoy every little thing around me.

The Sun had risen in the East and it looked so glorious. I missed my camera. The Golden Hues of the Morning SunWhen I opened the door of my home, the golden haze of Sun welcomed me in. Our Drawing room, that is the first room close to the entrance was bathed in golden hue of the morning rays of the Sun. It was as if the warmth and glory of Nature had bestowed on me all the love, warmth and glory. This time I could fetch the camera and capture the moment of pristine and divine beauty.These pictures will remind me of running bare foot on the dew wetted grass and then being warmed up by the glow of the morning Sun.

Let the Light come inAll those objects that looked so dull and drab to me and which I had barely noticed since last one year looked, bewitchingly, new and welcoming. Even the old drift wood, shapeless and formless, seemed so full of life to me. I realized that it was because it was I who was filled with a new energy, a new vigour, a new life that my perspective towards things, old and discarded, had changed. And to cap it all, the golden hues of Sun had added a magic to the lifeless objects. The drift wood, the image in stone, the brass Natraj and the plastic flowers in a bamboo basket all had suddenly come to life.Everything seemed bursting with life energy and seemed to invite me to take this life energy from Nature that is so bountiful and benevolent!

I thought if Nature can do such a miracle to lifeless things; what miracles it can do to us human beings, that is if we take the energy of the Nature in the right stride. Some deep message indeed! How strange that in the rush for sitting at our work area, screens to be specific, we forget to notice such small and invaluable gifts of Nature! I learnt a great lesson from Mother Nature today in the blissful early hours of the day! How divine!

4 thoughts on “The Warmth and Glory of Nature…

  1. Saurabh Bhakri

    Hello Ma’am,

    first of all, the pictures are truly divine experiencing the Mother Nature in its glory and to that darshans of Devon Ke Dev, Mahadev . The morning rays of the Sun highlighting the interior objects creating a great effect and well caught by your well timed clicks.

    Very rightly said, it is our outlook, positive it has to be learning from nature and there is a flow of energy we witness, experience around us , inside us … everywhere …

    Mother Nature .. we respect You, we love You
    Kindly keep us Blessed ….

  2. shashi

    Lovely to know u r relaxed and grateful for the blessings we often forget to count in our lives.
    great to be in rhythm with nature isn’t it ?
    I fling open my windows each morning to fill my eyes with the snow capped peaks and drink in the pristine air.
    And then I bask in the sunlight in the garden allowing it to soak through my skin and warm my bones.
    I miss ur presence next door.
    come back to visit soon.

  3. rksharma_50

    Nice write up , in keeping with your earlier post- A new Day, New Beginning . These days when every one is jostling for a place under the Sun , you are lucky that the morning sun enters your rooms to glow everything and makes even inanimate objects come brimming with life. No running please, brisk walk will do. A direct contact with mother nature is always refreshing, energising and rejuvenating.
    The pcture of Lord Shiva makes the ambience more divine.
    Shiv is not only a symbol of destruction but also of peace.
    Shankar= sham+ kar, i.e. shamankari . Naure’s bounty and blessings may for ever be bestowed on all humanity !

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