I salute the Indian Tricolour…

Everyday I would watch with admiration our National Flag atop this magnificent building and would salute it silently. It would provide me with the strength of mind which I needed so much. With added vigour and moral strength I would take up the tasks at hand. I wanted to go up and see from a very close angle the Indian Flag. So one day I decided to do so.Viceregal Lodge Shimla

The day was sunny and bright. With excitement filled in my heart, I was climbing up and up the building that, once upon a time, was the symbol of British power in India. Yes, you have guessed it right, I was climbing towards the Flag post on the top of the Viceregal Lodge to see closely the object of my veneration. The Indian Tricolour, pride and glory of our nation.

I had watched this flag everyday, from afar and today when I was going up, my heart was filled with childlike excitement who had got the biggest prize on the world.

The view from the top of Viceregal Lodge

I was simply ecstatic! The world seemed so different from this height. I remember having read in a book that of all the seven hills in and aroud Simla of the yore, the Viceregal Lodge was constructed at a place that commanded the best view of the vast expanse of land around Simla! I could see it around me. I was standing so close to our National Flag, closest that I could ever be and the fact that this special Flag flew proud and dignified on this building, made me exceptionally blessed. I could only imagine the proud moments when this Flag must have replaced the British Flag after independence. How blissful and glorious must have been those moments. I could imagine the sacrifice of innumerable people that made this unrealistic dream come true. I saluted the Flag and pledged to keep its dignity forever intact!

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