The “King” is dead, long live the King…

25 October, 2010

The inclining Tree

I stood at some distance from Gate I and watched critically the tree which has more or less become like a brand image of the place I am talking about. I see this tree as many times as I cross this Gate either going out or coming in  but so engrossed I have become with  the image of the tree that I see it more with my inner eyes than with my physical eyes. As I have seen this tree right from the day when it was planted at this place and have lovingly watched it attain the beautiful presence that today has become a brand image of the place that it symbolizes, therefore my love for it made me blind for all the defects that it started developing. I never found anything wrong with the tree. I appreciated the proud upright statement that it seemed to make about the place in question. But, today, when I stood watching it from some distance and with some objectivity in my gaze which my “inner eyes” always shielded with subjectivity, I was able to see a cruel truth which my love and attachment to the tree had always hidden!

The tree was inclined to one side. The inclination was dangerous to its very existence. I moved around the tree, making a wide circle around it to critically analyze the inclination as I was still not sure that this upright tree could incline towards one particular direction. But my worst fears came true. It was really dangerously inclined. Now, if you might ask me why I am so, awfully, concerned about it? I am concerned as i am worried about its future.

I remember that I was told by a well meaning friend, not so long ago, that straight trees are cut first. This friend made this statement regarding why I was picked up by the place and men in question to inflict injury upon. As I was and still am too plain and straight forward, much to the discomfort of powers that be, i was picked up to be “cut” first!

But the image of the inclined tree at Gate no. I made me think of the poetic justice of Nature. If this tree is a symbol of the powers that be and the inclination stands for the biased and favored attitude to bestow, unearned and undeserved, freebies to some persons, the fate of the tree can be well imagined. it will die of a fall as it was not able to retain upright and unbiased attitude that Nature expected from it. And anything against the laws of the Nature are sure to come to an end, sooner or later. After all this leaning tree is not leaning tower of Pisa which could go on and on despite the inclination increasing with passage of time.

The “KIng” is dead, long live the King!



2 thoughts on “The “King” is dead, long live the King…

  1. aarkay

    The eye catching title took me back to the times when we used to study the British Constitution. The metaphor of tree and its inclination chosen by you is most apt and appealing- only the poor tree had no choice whereas human beings do have freewill . One more thing that comes to notice is that the incongruity is more pronounced/ visible as the trunk of the tree rises above its surroundings .Does this not make the things or the system appear more appalling !

  2. Sweta Gupta

    Nice article,actualyy more than that.
    ur tree and inclination is a personification …….u can understand what i am talking about.
    toched my heart.

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