Why India remains a corrupt country?



I always wondered why India remains a corrupt country when well meaning average people work with good intention to the best of their capability. I wanted to know how corruption at one place would mutually harbinger corruption at some other place. A news item in the Tribune today made many a things clear to me.

If a citizen raises voice against corruption in public life he thinks of CBI as the best institution to look into the matter. We read so many news items about people demanding to have a CBI inquiry in matters where there are corruption charges. But the fact that such an august body as CBI has to seek permission from a department to prosecute persons to find out the truth about the charges levelled against them, is a news to me.

Does it mean that a person, a “babu” in a office or ministry can override the preliminary inquiry report of CBI only because he happens to be made in-charge of an assignment which is not his primary job and for which he has not been specially trained. I am shocked to learn that a “babu” in MHRD wrote “I don’t perceive him to be a corrupt person” about someone against whom CBI had established charges. The question is who authorizes such persons to pass judgment when they are not trained for that. Well it is the Minister in charge of the department that entrusts such a job to a “babu” and the MInister is an elected member of the parliament voted by us, the citizens, to power.

So, in a nutshell, we, the citizens, who go on tolerating injustice and corruption around us are to be blamed for  making our country a corrupt nation. And when I look back and count the number of complaints that I addressed to officers  in the ministry for redressal, and the fact that they remained uncared for, that was so painful to me. But today I know why they were never looked into.

We remain a corrupt nation as we are a nation of gutless, spineless people who instead of fighting corruption side with the corrupt and try to make the best of the opportunity by earning whatever we can. Be it anything.Have you ever seen a place of accident and if you have seen some people robbing the injured victims of their belongings instead of providing them with much needed help, don’t hate them because this is what we all are but in a sophisticated and corrupt manner.

I wonder whether Mr Kapil Sibbal would ever read my blog post and take appropriate action against the erring officials?

3 thoughts on “Why India remains a corrupt country?

  1. Vipin Gupta

    Its really an eye opener for so many and eye closing act for lot so many .. and up to my knowledge corruption is so deep rooted in our society that it effected every nook and corner of our society .. only CBI’s Inquiry could not help us . regardless every citizen of India, would help to eradicate this fission process.. Even if police department works efficiently then its lot a hell difference in our corrupt system .. and the core issue starts from Bribe.. more we bribe more it encourages to do wrong things in society …
    So, if you want to remove corruption from our society more stingent rules and regulation would apply .. policies should be made to deal with Corruption ..
    And i suggest to imply military rule for 5 years to make proper functioning of our system.
    Jai hind

  2. aarkay

    A really nice write up. However, phrases like “chinks in the armour ” and ” skeletons in the cupboard ” have become buzzwords and we have learnt to live rather acquiescingly in a corrupt system. There have been voices like Anna Hazare trying to make the necessary dent , otherwise the malaise is so widespread and deep rooted that no redemption is visible or perceptible. People are perhap not spineless , but only helpless as we have seen or heard about young people in their 20s and 30s who have paid with their lives fot raising their voice against corrupt practices.

    1. Vipin Gupta

      You are very much Right, mam… that RTI could make a difference .. But so many our people has not been aware of RTI act . i am requesting you to write something about RTI so more n more will aware of this act .. More over there are some people who used this powerful act against malpractices originating in our society .. ranging from Golden Quadrilateral from in which IIT Er. SN Dubey who lost his precious life to bring this in light ..
      In the last two years, 12 RTI activists have died; as many as eight have been killed in this year alone.. even whistle blowers are not safe in our society .. there are hell so many cases …
      Persistent of corruption is root to all causes in our Indian Society .. and latest example is CWG games in which Crores of rupees (hard earned by our people) is gluttoned by Officials and none of them is going on , and at last everything vanishes just by ending nothing ….
      How can common man survives ???? thats why people used to get corrupt rather by going straightways ..
      At last i hope there are so many people who still goes straight and bring transparency to our system

      Thanks and regards

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