A Free Bus Trip to Shimla on Rakhee Day…

24 August, 2010


Oh God! I am so excited for the free bus trip to Shimla. Rakhee day has come with an added freebie in the form of free bus travel to women in Himachal Road Transport buses. The free travel enables them to travel anywhere in Himachal free of cost. I never had the privilege of traveling, in a state-owned bus or for that matter any bus without paying for my ticket. And recently I had got for myself a smart card that got me ten percent of discount on my bus ticket. I loved that discount so the very feeling for not paying any amount is so thrilling for me. What this experience may turn into, I would surely write as I believe nothing comes as free in the world today. God knows in what way this free ride would be paid for by me?


One thought on “A Free Bus Trip to Shimla on Rakhee Day…

  1. aarkay

    Enjoy your permitted ticketless travel , Ma’am ! and make the most of this meherbani of sarkar on ” Behenen “. I too have this lurking fear of such freebies at times, as for me also every thing comes for a price. Hope every thing turns out fine.

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