We are there for you–anytime, anywhere…

16 August, 2010


9-30 p.m.

When my cell heralded a call and I looked at the name, I instantly picked it up as it was my son calling us. He wanted to share something with us and we were so elated that we still have that place in his life when he shares small tit-bits with us. He had to share some innermost feelings and who else he thought to be his confidante than his parents. I am overwhelmed and am grateful to God for such little joys of life. These small incidents that I have deliberately called “small joys” are what in fact are the most important assets of our life. It is emotional repayment of the love that we have invested.

Sometimes I wonder why people don’t understand such simple logic. If you have not invested money or deposited in a bank, can you go to retrieve it? Emotions are like money deposits. You have to be wise to deposit and invest emotions with your loved ones so that you can have emotional support at times when you need it.

When you called us to share your innermost feelings, we felt privileged my son! You could have shared those feelings with anyone else but since you chose us, indicates that we have invested our emotions in a judicious manner, at east when it comes to our kids!

Though I cannot say for sure that I have invested my money in a judicious manner, but was there any need for the same? No, I don’t think so.

4 thoughts on “We are there for you–anytime, anywhere…

  1. Monika Katoch

    Very well said ma’am. You have nicely summed it up!!!!. Actually we are in pursuit of so called BIG happiness and in that course we are missing out these very special and important SMALL happiness in our daily lives.

    We have to live each day as if it’s our last day and then enjoy EVERY moment of it.

  2. Sushmit

    All I have to say is that I just smiled after reading this. Smiled to the pride, smiled to the emotions and smiled to the parenthood.

  3. aarkay

    Yes Ma’am, it is the values and sanskars that you have inculcated and your children have imbibed and the investment , as you have rightly put it, has been worth it. Money can of course buy you comforts but the real happiness lies in the emotional bonding.

  4. Saurabh Bhakri

    Dear Madam,
    Respect the feelings shared with us …
    Bonding… familial … utmost, to be depended upon …, to feel proud of … for overall security in life …
    Luckiest are those ones who are blessed with … the family to share the bonding of one’s dearest ones in the family … All destined to live together … there is a reason …

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