Camaraderie: A Practice not an Exception at IIAS

09 August, 2010


It was 3:50p.m. on Tuesday the 9th of March when coming out of the cafe that I clicked this picture. I clicked it just like that with no particular intention other than capturing a picture of a colleague and a friend that I had known only for some more than six months. It was a time to say goodbye to him as he had to leave. Farewells are pretty common over here. We had arranged an informal one at the Cafe!

But I was sad, very sad. I just wondered what made me feel the loss of this companionship though here at IIAS it is only at the regular seminars that we often meet. At all other times everyone is busy in his/her own pursuit of ideas and thoughts that there are no gup-shups over cups of tea that are so very common in many Academic institutes. Not so long age, I, too, had my own share of gossips that would make my day. But no longer do I enjoy all those dilly-dallying over trifling matters when there is so much of serious matter to be pursued.

I don’t know whether I have changed or the circumstances have changed but either way the new-found friends have taught me the real purpose of life. Watching this picture I miss the silent yet strong presence of my colleagues who have made a mark in the world of scholarship yet they are so down to earth. This chance picture shown four of my friends and out of these four three have completed their term and have left the institute but each one of them was different and had a personal attribute that made each of them stand apart from the crowd. Perhaps some other day I would write about each of them but today it is suffice to say that IIAS stands for camaraderie that makes it unique!


2 thoughts on “Camaraderie: A Practice not an Exception at IIAS

  1. Saurabh Bhakri

    Namaskaar Madam,

    Really appreciate your gentle feelings, your humane natue well depicted as you ponder your thoughts above on the bonding with your fellow scholars … that you care a lot for the relationships … and value them in your life .. Indeed, a gentle human being .. right there in you …
    with best regards

  2. aarkay

    Dear Ma’am,the very heading of your blog is rather suggestive, as comraderie and fellow feeling are rather an exception than the rule at most of the work places and institutions , so much so that for no genuine reasons people are virtually at the neck of one another.The aura and ambience of such places , if comraderie prevails , are something to cherish and long for. Again for some such places are inspiring as well as awe-inspiring pointing ,perhaps , to an unfulfilled desire to be a part of the place(s) and what they stand for. I have had some such feelings while , entering , passing through or by IITs, NITs and Military Cantt areas. Again through this blog, your humane side comes to the fore. Please share more of such experiences with us.

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