The 25th Raising Day of REC/NIT Hamirpur…

7th August, 2010


I start this post on a solemn note as more than a celebration for the 25th Raising day of what-used-to-be REC Hamirpur but is known today as NIT Hamirpur, I would pay my most sincere heartfelt regards to the soul of Dr. R. C. Chauhan, the founding principal of REC Hamirpur.

All the buildings, full of state-of-art facilities that are the landmark of NIT today, are not better than a nougat when compared to the initial sheds that made REC family so proud of its first housing place.

I remember Dr. R. C. Chauhan working diligently and so earnestly for getting a simple water connection on the campus. The only vehicle that REC had those days was a white Ambassador for the principal but I am sure that almost all the teachers, students and others of those early days must remember fondly how Dr. R. C. Chauhan would drive them at one time or another whenever the need be.

I am dedicating this post to Dr. R C Chahan as he is no more in the world. Some months back when someone called me with the news of his demise, I was shocked. It is a personal loss to me as well as not long ago we talked about a proposal of writing a book about the early days of REC Hamirpur and he was so very ecstatic to share all that information with me that I didn’t have. But, unfortunately, he left the world before we could even start.

I take this opportunity to say aloud that one day I would surely write true account of all that REC once stood for and all that some unscrupulous agencies have made it to be. I wish I could put the picture of the tree at the entrance of the NIT gate which stands today inclined to one direction, so inclined that I am afraid it would fall down of its own weight!

How I wish we could learn some lessons from this tree!

2 thoughts on “The 25th Raising Day of REC/NIT Hamirpur…

  1. Da

    Time passes, but bitterness remains. Growingup also mean to convert that hard feeling into an experience: an experience on which a future could be built. As long as you are there, you have a future as an individual and you have a future as a group.

    So ma’am, fight with an open heart if you have to, not with malice. The world was and will always be full with all sorts of people: good and bad; and thus influence the future towards something which you feel is better than today in your perspective.



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