Boys will be boys after all…

17 July, 2010


My son always use to cry for buying cars of all shapes, sizes and colours, when he was young. I remember having dragged him in the marketplace to stop his demanding wails for a car. Well of course, I am talking of toy cars! He made me cry many a times as I would feel so guilty after having slapped him for being so demanding. Thank God, we lived in India where one can afford to take such liberties with one’s kids!

He is a grown up boy now and I find that he really has grown out of his fads as well. He surprised me out of my wits today when he suddenly announced to me, ” I have bought a new camera for you!” Now I am not super-duper rich that I can afford to buy another camera when my earlier one goes dead! Though I never put it in words but he could sense the feeling of loss that I must have felt when my Sony DSLR stopped working. Or else he must have felt the need to see the pictures that his amateur mom takes randomly.

I was angry in the beginning. It was a sheer wastage of money for me to buy an other camera, and that too, Nikon D3000! I wanted to stop him from wasting the money and he was bent upon buying me the camera. I wanted to, once again, catch hold of him and show my motherly anger had we not been chatting on the net! “But why do I need such a pricey camera?” I argued. “To click pictures and put them on your blog where I would see them” said he thoughtfully. I was a bit mellowed down. He sent me the picture of the camera. What a beauty it seemed! I was gradually cooling down. “But you can always buy a Mac for you for this money”, I still argued my point knowing well his love for Mac.”I’ll buy a Mac, don’t worry” he said like a mature man. “But I don’t need one right now” I again put a feeble protest. “Cameras get out of order and it is so costly to get them repaired” I had a point as Sony service persons had really made me suspicious of their genuine service which they had claimed at the time of purchase of my old camera!

Now my son put forward an argument for which I had no answer at all. he remembered everything-everything about his penchant fro buying toy cars that I would fulfill, though grudgingly. He wanted to play a mom to me now when he could.

“This is for my Maa who bought me endless toy cars when she knew that I would break them soon!”

There were tears in my eyes and all my arguments had fallen on a boy who was after all a boy despite having grown in years! The same old sweet boy, aspiring another toy car! But this time it was a camera for his Maa!

Thanks dear for being so caring and loving!

One thought on “Boys will be boys after all…

  1. aarkay

    Of course, Ma’am, now it is his turn to play Mom and how many of us have sons like that- caring and loving !No doubt , you ‘re the blessed one.

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