To Arush, my Grandson, on his first Birthday…

08 June, 2010


A small bundle of life,

Smeared and covered

In blood of my own blood,

With soft tiny palms,

Holding the power

To put the balms,

On my scorching

And painful strife.

Your first crying

Your  baby babel,

Soothing my very being

With peace and calm

Heralding life and rhythm

To silence the clamours

Of my life and soul.

Fragile and red,

You looked at me,

Our eyes met

And a voice

That only both of us heard

And a new bond

Of love and adoration

Of peace and assurance

Too, was born

That I live beyond

My worldly existence

Through you my love

The blood of my own blood!

2 thoughts on “To Arush, my Grandson, on his first Birthday…

  1. Saurabh Bhakri

    Golden words soaked with all the love for the Grandson… it is outpouring of feelings, emotions, love for Arush that triggers you madam to juxtapose finest use of very touching words and very well knit …. depicts the love in its truest sense … for Dear Arush who is wished the very best on his first Birthday and Maygod always shower His Blessings on Arush … family joins me in extending best wishes … ever

  2. aarkay

    Here’s wishing Aarush a Happy Birthday and the very best in life ! and heartiest congrats to you, Ma’am , for having the abilty to express yourself so beautifully . What more can one say !

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