The Eternal Bond of Love…

04 May, 2010

It was on 04 May, 1978 that I got married. And today when I called KS in the morning, the distance in time and place didn’t seem to matter at all. The journey together that we have undertaken makes us more resolved to be by each others’ side, at every moment of our life ahead, come what may.

Looking back, I realise with a fond memory, KS standing by my side at all the important moments of my life. If some persons, who know me well, consider me as a strong woman, he is the real strength behind me. On this marriage anniversary, I am especially grateful to all of you who have been so supportive to us and have stood by us at moments when we needed you so badly…

Perhaps if I write a bit more, I would become sentimental which I don’t want to be on this very special day but still would acknowledge openly that he is the man who saw the “real me” and has done everything possible to bring the best out of me. Together we have won many a battles and come out victorious and by God’s grace would continue to face the trials and tribulations of the life together for a long time and with the same vigour and undying spirit.


6 thoughts on “The Eternal Bond of Love…

  1. aarkay

    Happy Anniversary, Ma’am -this one and many more to come. You look gorgeous together , certainly made for each other !

  2. Saurabh Bhakri

    Let me congratulate on your Marriage Anniversary and wishing you and Respected Thakur Sahab many more years of togetherness with all the lovely bonding and enjoy each and every moment of your blessed married life….

    with best regards

    Saurabh Bhakri

  3. Dear Aunty,

    Certainly both of you together make the life a complete circle. And the circular wheel rolls on encapsulating so many things…

    May God shower floral blessings over you and family !


  4. Rajeev Kumar

    Do you know that you have got heaven on earth. You value KS as your strength & this statement itself makes you his biggest strength.

  5. hardiyal singh verma

    Hi saroj,
    It was a pleasant surprise to read your blog. Do you remember any thing of us? Hamirpur ! Bala’s jija ! I like your interest in writing regularly at this plateform. Another surprise ! my daughter shtakshi is a reglar reader of your blogs and she has been regularly communicating with you. She remembers your entire family well and it is she who apprised me of your bolg.hope to remain in contact in future. With best wishes
    verma & raj

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