Women’s Day 2010

8 March, 2010


I looked out of the window and the sky presented a bewitching picture. The dotted clouds made it look all the more beautiful. The Deodar tree must have kept a strong vigil over the lawns for a very long time. I could see some tourists raoming on the road and looking up at the majestic building.

And the fact that I was gazing out of the window of my Study and could take this picture from the verandah of the Public Entry building of the IIAS speaks about my dream having come true. The other fact that life has become more strenous doesn’t seem to matter. When I, along with Shi, ate paranthas sitting in this very verandah, I thought of many other women who would be having sumptuous lunch waiting for them at home. But life is all about the choice that we make.

After taking the parantha with the pickle and catching up with little tit-bits of life  we decided to have a cup of coffeee in the coffee shop to pamper ourseves and to celeberate Women’s Day. I think this celebration is the best celebration of women’s day in my life when I am where I always wanted to be. I could walk around where I had only dreamed of walking around! What more personal empowerment for me could stand for?

Happy Women’s Day to all those women who achieve it by stint of their hard work and not because they have compromised their values and proinciples to achieve something petty, in the name of success, in life!


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