Aarush in Action…

It is a pure bliss to watch my grandson indulge in his baby antics! I am reliving all those experience that  I had while raising my three monsters! I could not stop taking some brilliant shots when Aarush was in real action.

Aarush is very observant. He watches everyone very keenly and keeps very stiff expressions on his face but once he accepts someone as his own then he is at his real self. When very happy, he shows his happiness rather exuberance by holding the face of the person he wants to bestow his love upon. Then he dashes forward with open mouth–straight for the shoot! His hands shift from the face to the hair of the “prey”! Any impediment in his way is literally discarded.

He gushed forth with open mouth for my little one’s face and catching hold of her face when he was sure of the prey in position, he dashed forward with open mouth for a bite. Catching hold of her hair, he tried biting her face with his toothless mouth. It was a sight to behold. He found her spectacles to be a barrier in his devouring of the “prey” and away went the glasses! And his ecstasy was worth watching. The winning sounds that he made would make even the sound of a victory trumpet ashamed. And the trophy of the duel was a few strands of hair that he so joyfully carried in his small fist! The victorious sound and winning trophy made his day!

Aarush-in-action displayed  exemplary valor! There is no doubt that like nani like grandson!

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