Sour and Bitter Memories with Sprinklings of Sweet…5

Even when I try to write of things immediate to me, my mind reverts back to the time when I saw the best and the worst of  human nature. Now it is a generally accepted truth that at the time of adversity one expects the best from the people one is close to. Though complete unknown people also rally around helping someone in distress, but generally the near and dear ones rush in to pour in sympathy and help in all possible manners.But when I wrote in my previous post that I didn’t know who should I call, it speaks volumes about the kind of atmosphere that prevailed on the campus.  Later on another incident substantiated my worst fears about the decline in moral values and I was glad that even during that crucial moment I did not seek help from people I had lived with for almost twenty three years.

I had, fortunately, called my women friends who reached the hospital in no time and took all possible care of my husband. I am told that one of them moved all the way carrying my husband’s shoes in her hands when he was put on a stretcher and taken for CT scan. I am grateful to all of them. They kept me informed of all what was happening. My husband’s colleagues were there with him but sadly some people, who I trusted, were conspicuous by their absence. In a way it was good otherwise they, too, might have told me later on the way one of them did.

This person that I am referring to was quite dear to me. So much so that  I told him quite often that  I  have someone to fall back upon if I ever fall ill. For me he was like my own younger brother. I realize, today, that what a sentimental fool I had been. During one of our official arguments he was blunt enough to tell me, “I did so much for your husband when he was at the hospital!” I was shocked. Well. shocked is too mild a word to be used. I was sick to my stomach and wanted to vomit out all the years of emotional investment that I had incurred in such a person. Since I was not there at the hospital so I didn’t know what all he had done so I inquired from others and was told that all that he had done was to arrange the Institute’s ambulance as the hospital ambulances were busy in some other assignments.

I think today that had these people done something more for my husband, what would they have said to me? They might have made me feel indebted to them for life! Now think of another man, a complete stranger who while driving by the Heera Nagar road watches some kids looking at something and finds an old man lying unconscious and bleeding because of a head injury. He puts that man in his vehicle and takes him to the hospital. He didn’t know anything about this man, had never known or seen him earlier. Done with this human duty, he goes into oblivion, not waiting for an acknowledgment.

These two human reactions talk of two sets of persons. One who talk a lot about “human values” and “global brotherhood” but show the complete lack of it when it is the time to show them practically and the other is who may not have heard of any such high-sounding words but had showed these very values.

So tell me honestly-who are the people that are my own?

One thought on “Sour and Bitter Memories with Sprinklings of Sweet…5

  1. Rajeev

    >So tell me honestly-who are the people that are my own?

    This question will give you more trouble than solace in introspection.

    Do you know what is expected from you? Honestly, I dont know what is expected from me & I will never be able to figure out. But the same guy who made you sick to stomach can be self less at very critical moment.

    We just had a baby & my love for her is so much that my heart fills with joy, tenderness & vulnerability. But at the same time I feel what my loving parents would have felt when I left them. How much emotional investment is wasted. (BTW I talk to my parents every other day over phone just to make sure you dont have home sick opinion about me)

    I am looking for some simple answer:

    Why is that so many human life suffering on Indian streets (dying, hurt, hunger you name it, If you could imagine yourself as him/her) has no take. But pop-corn eating fun loving movie goers cries their heart out while Shah Rukh Khan trying to die in long drama?

    Why? Are we a nation of sadist or insensitive or confused or what?

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