A Dream Hair Style…

When my son sent this picture to me, I laughed out aloud. I remember so well laughing so aloud as it was after a long time that i had enjoyed a hearty laugh! The picture was horrible. I could have scared some kids showing that picture but I know how happy my son must have been watching this picture turning the way it had, He had gone trekking and while he stood on the top of a rock, with snowy mountains in the background and a real hard wind blowing his hair away, someone clicked this picture.

He sent us this picture. Perhaps he wanted to remind me of one of his wishful dreams having come true. Yes, in our home it was a wishful dream for him to grow his hair long as I remember that his papa would take him to the barber whenever his hair seemed long to him. And when I say long, it means hair more that an inch long! He wanted to desperately to grow his hair like other boys of his age but his papa would find so many faults with long hairs that exasperated  of so may advices, he would rather get his hair cut very short than to have to listen to all the sermons.And sometimes he would tell his papa in a jocular manner that he would grow his hair long enough to make a ponytail, we all would laugh a lot.

So when he went to the US for his MS and told us after three four months that he had not had a hair cut, it was a news to us. He told his papa that now I would grow my hair long enough to make a ponytail! And one day when we were having videochat, he opened his locks that he had really put in a ponytail and showed the long tresses to us. I.too, let my hair loose by unpinning the clip and showed by hair to him. He laughed and said, “Mine are longer than yours!” We had such a hearty laugh. Hair cut comes costly in the US, was an excuse for him as he was fulfilling his wishful dream of having long hair. I let him grow his hair though we knew it that if we tell him to get a hair cut, no matter how costly it be, he would get his hair cut short. But I wanted to have him experience the freedom. He experienced it and must have felt very good. But then one has to grow as an individual and take all the decisions of his life and when I say “all’ I mean the hair cut as well!

So I was not surprised when he put a tagline on his facebook, “going to see a barber after a year and six months!” It is time that he looks like a gentleman and he knew it better than we did, Growing his hair long was his decision as is the decision to get them cut!

The bottomline is, you never know how and when your small toddler turns into a terrific young boy!!

PS: Isn’t he a handsome boy? 🙂

2 thoughts on “A Dream Hair Style…

  1. aarkay

    Nice post. At his stage, your son can indulge in his dream hairstyle. Pity on those, who are fast losing their hair and whatever left are turned grey. The poet Keshav has described the predicament of a grey-haired one, so beautifully thus:

    केशव केसन अस करी जस अरिहूं न कराहिं,
    चंद्रवदन मृगलोचनी बाबा कहि-कहि जांहि।

  2. I wore my hair long during my young years for about 5 yrs and my mom supported me though she hated long hair. I couldn’t understand it then but now I know, she wanted me to fly on my own.

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