Some Bitter and Sour Memories with Sprinklings of Sweet…3

“I’ll be

Judge, I’ll be jury,”


Cunning old fury:


try the







Death.” (Alice in Wonderland)

When one of my friends read these lines to me, I felt like, you know it best, the Mouse! And I don’t have to give the name of the “cunning old Fury” as you all know it well.
How pertinent the lines are: “I’ll be judge, I’ll be the Jury..I’ll try the whole cause and condemn you to death.”

After this brief introduction I would like to introduce my readers to how things work at the place that claims to foster “universal brotherhood” and “value-based education”! Some real education, honestly speaking!
The complainant, the witness and the judge all are the one person. Can anyone imagine a worse caricature of justice? The “cunning old fury” was the complainant, the judge and the jury so under such a “system” what legal relief the poor mouse could hope for?

I think I must put all the records, the real ones, in a book form to show the world what they are doing, in the name of fair trial, to all those people who have the guts to question the corruption. But in spite of all this “Mera Bharat Mahan!”

One thought on “Some Bitter and Sour Memories with Sprinklings of Sweet…3

  1. aarkay

    Perhaps this sums up the situation best :

    बने हैं अहले हवस मुदई भी और मुन्सिफ भी ,

    किसे वकील करें, किस से मुंसिफी चाहें.

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