Some Bitter and Sour Memories with Sprinkles of Sweetness…2

02 January, 2010


Joining the Dots

Looking back at the year 2009 I reflect at the all that happened in my life in this fateful year. It was a mixture of good and bad, the way life is. If fate was cruel to me at one point at the other it was  merciful and filled our life with bounties that were least expected at that point in time. It was perhaps a way of God to let me know that He was there to balance my life with all sour, bitter and sweet benedictions.

The other day my little one made me listen to Steve Jobs’ address and instantly I could relate to what he was talking about. He was convinced that looking back at our life we find all happenings as one leading to another and the term he gave it to was “dots”. “Joining the dots” fits the life of all human beings but we don’t even notice it. Looking back at the year 2009 I, too, find that all the happenings in my life are like dots and they seem to join together in a tangible form which I can clearly see today while reflecting on those happenings. Yes, I was able to differentiate between the fair-weathered friends and the real friends. I found to my dismay that I had invested my emotions, rather in a reckless manner, in fair-weather friends that I have earlier referred to as “a-dime-a-dozen” and had lost even the opening balance invested when I was expecting a premium. The lesson learnt is—to invest your emotions rather carefully, it is a great loss when people you trust turn out to be villains.

I would be writing in this category about small but important incidents that made me trust the designs of the biggest designer of all—the God!

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