Bitter, Sweet and Sour Memories of the Year 2009…

Some Bitter and Sour Memories with Sprinkles of Sweetness…

Howsoever strong I may be but when I start writing about some incidents that have shaken my faith in the basic goodness of human nature, I ask myself of the futility or utility of such an exercise. Would writing help me by its very cathartic effect or it would be inflicting scratches to my wounds to make them bleed afresh? I don’t know but I know one thing for certain that this is what I am going to do, howsoever painful the whole exercise may be for me and my dear ones.

To whom do we tell what happened on the

Earth, for whom did we place everywhere huge

Mirrors in the hope that they will be filled up

And will stay so?

Czeslaw Milosz, “Annalena”

I would write everything so that the truth comes out of the closets!!

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