Unholy Holi

11 March, 2009
Behind colours of Holi
Masking the
Real emotions,
Hiding spite malice
They hug and shower
Colours of love and honour
With the daggers
Of envy ever ready
To plunge in the back
Of those they embrace
In a friendly clasp!
I watch those faces
Hidden behind the colours
Red, green and yellow
And shiver to see
The blackness of heart
Writ open and bold,
In eyes so cold
Which no warmth of
Holi colours can veil!
Spreading a false
Message of love
They disperse
Having celebrated
An annual ritual
Of sham brotherhood!

2 thoughts on “Unholy Holi

  1. Satyan Sood

    Dearest Saroj Mam,

    Visited your blog after a gap of almost nine months and was rather perplexed to see the lack of activity which is so unlike for a lively person like you. Then I went through your recent posts and could sense an undercurrent of turmoil, your ramblings as you like to call them make me feel that you are deeply hurt and your soul is troubled.

    I cannot do anything to heal the pain but what I can do is wish you the best from the bottom of my heart. I wish to the Almightly that whatever is that hurts you, He gives you the strength to overcome that. God Blessing may all your troubles vanish as it pains your old students to see that a good hearted person like you is hurt.

    I am not so articulate and good at words but hope that i could convey my gratitude and further hope to see you in good spirits.


    Satyan Sood

  2. the good and bad, the sane and insane, the happiness and sadness are both parts of the same almighty;
    thy receivth as thy sow;
    sow goodness,
    harm never crops;
    sow evil,
    god never blesses…

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