A Facade of Colours…

11 March, 2009

When I see them

Smeared in colour red

I shudder in freight

Thinking of blood

Gushing forth

From a fatal wound!

Where has the red

Vanished and gone astray

That stood for

Sacrifice to uphold

The supreme goal

Of moving ahead!


The colour green,

Symbol of

Peace and growth

To live and let live,

When smeared on

My friends galore

Reminds me of

Jealous people around

Who turn green

With envy and spite

At causes small and petite!


Trembling and shaking

With throbbing hearts

Yellow they turn

With anxiety and fright

When their deceit

Unethical practice

Ulterior motives

To gain

Unearned rewards

Comes to light!


Can the colours

Red, green and yellow

Cover even on Holi

The colour black

That has hardened

Heart and soul

Of such spineless mob!



One thought on “A Facade of Colours…

  1. Naveen Devkaran

    Dear Mam,

    Good to see you back. Hope all is fine. Was missing your wonderful penning of words for the last three months (the last one Dec 13 to Jan13 was only a gist of the happenings in life). I am sure you have come out of the troubles (if there were any) smiling as ever with complete faith in the almighty.
    The poems are excellent. You really do have a way with words and they tell me that the past few months have been a lot of turmoil and the negative energys created with all the wrongs (actions and humans) happening around you.

    Take care Mam.

    Naveen (pass out 1992-Elect)

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