Verka Booth Giving a Stiff Competetion to Nescafe Kiosk…

Verka Milk Booth competing with Nescafe Kiosk…


Another landmark on the campus! The Verka Milk Booth, situated at yet another strategic point, started functioning on 14th September, 2008. The hexagonal booth seems to invite young and old alike to its fold and it is a pleasant surprise to watch the young Techies rushing towards the Verka booth for Kheer and Ice-cream! Is it that the students who gulped down cups of Nescafe coffee to keep them awake during the examination days are relaxing with the cupfuls of Kheer to replenish the lost energy during the periodical exams? 

 Whatever may be reason but the change is perceptible and to watch the young boys and girls meeting over a bowl of Kheer is really something unprecedented. Times are not far off when instead of wooing a girl over a cup of tea or coffee would be a thing of past and the young girls, on our campus, would be wooed over a bowl of Kheer, packed and retailed by Verka!



But once again I have become nostalgic about the old shack where we used to have endless cups of tea! The omelette with the sauntered onion being cooked would permeate the nostrils of all sitting in the close vicinity of the stove. The samosas being fried in another pan would make our mouth water but now neither the Nescafe Kiosk nor the Verka Booth has such charm. Neither the aroma of the Nescafe Coffee permeates our nostrils nor the sweet smell of Kheer being cooked makes our mouths water!
Everything has become bland and mechanical the same way as has become our life these days—lacking the personal touch!

3 thoughts on “Verka Booth Giving a Stiff Competetion to Nescafe Kiosk…

  1. Vishal

    Isn’t it amazing ma’m how each one of us has our own definition what is mechanical and non-personal.
    I kind of miss those ‘old’ days too.

    But come to think of it, todays kids will miss the Nescafe and the Verka booth a few years down the line, just as much as we miss the Samosa / omelette shop.

    To each his own. I guess 🙂

  2. Maam,

    That’s abeautifully captured sense of humor and nostalgia, I must say!.. For those of us not in NIT-H, it’s nice knowing that Verka is the new addition in…. 🙂

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