The Artist Within Wakes up…

5 September, 2008

I was quite tired when I returned from the Institute but the feeling of having accomplished some task that I had been procrastinating for a long time, made me feel light hearted! And when I started for home the sky suddenly turned dark. Clouds in a darker hue appeared from nowhere and the overcast sky made the daylight vanish away. I literally ran back to the coziness of my home and found a succour in the security and safety that my home has always stood for me. I realized that this home and the tendency to run to its four walls had made the real me cower under some masks. I had become a person who was a stranger even to me. Why had I become a different person? Why should I turn into what I am not? I wondered when did I last make a painting or draw a sketch? I tried hard to think of the last time when I had moved around d the campus taking pictures, and even if I had taken a few, I had done it in a surreptitiously manner. But why? Walking back home the overcast sky seemed different but beautiful. I wondered why I would always wait for a sunny weather to take a picture. Even dark sky had its own charm. The same way as dark phase of life has its own charm. We need a keen eye to behold that charm.

The dark cloudy sky, overcast with rainy clouds made me run for my camera and I wanted to take a few shots of the main gate to the Institute. I had always wanted to take these pictures but would not move out in a rainy weather. I shot these pictures with flash off to capture the real essence of the mood of the nature. But honestly speaking I could not do very well as I was afraid of the camera getting drenched in rain drops! Watch these and enjoy the pristine surroundings that make this Institute a virtual heaven!

I noticed that I felt alive, throbbing with life and bubbling with enthusiasm with an urge to focus on an object. Thank God I was once again filled with the creative energy that all artistic souls possess and this creative energy shook up the sleeping artist within.

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