Visiting Kamru Nag…The Reigning Deity of Mandi–3

Up above the world so high, Like a cloud in the sky! …

Moving up the hilly trek we would feel to have reached the highest point and our destination but it would meandour into another hillock which would raise its head from nowhere. Though we would be disappointed but the challenge that nature put before us would make us accept it. To compensate and to more than make up for the tiredness was the pristine and seemingly untouched nature’s splendour opening up its coffers before us.

Every scene was more beautiful than the other.

We felt like having been transported to an altogether different world where the mundane problems, of the world that we had left behind, simply evaporated. The delicate meandouring path among the greens would suddenly give rise to solid and rocky path and we would be transforming ourself to face the changes. Is it not what the life as well does to us?

My Maa, in her early seventies, surprised us all by her mental and physical strength. She walked all the way despite her weak heart! I could see where I have got this physical and mental strength. Its all in genes. The Lake was nowhere in sight and we were dead tired but up we treaded like a pack of excited small kids on their first outing! Every new step heralded a step towards the goal, howsoever far that may be!

One thought on “Visiting Kamru Nag…The Reigning Deity of Mandi–3

  1. Very impressive blog. You seems a poet.. I’m reading your blog first time and it seems that I’ll learn a lot from you.

    will visit again, as here is lot many things to checkout…

    Your fan,
    Raman Sharma.

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