The Hand that Rocked the Cradle…

20 August, 2008

My mom a frail old woman

With a steely soul

Lies with a fractured

Plastered white

Immobile hurt hand.

The wonderful hand

Had caressed me

Patted me

And at times slapped me

Hard and firm

To put sense in me

And made me see

The reason and logic!

The hand that had held

My tiny little hand

To teach me the alphabets

Lies plastered

Fractured and in pain.

The hand that was

The support

When I was in chaos

Lies hurt in plaster.

The hand needs me today

But my proud mother

Would not even utter

Would, in fact, smother

Her need and desire

And would pat me

 Embrace cuddle

And hug me

With her other

Movable hand!



One thought on “The Hand that Rocked the Cradle…

  1. Wishing a quick recovery for Nani Ma’s hand and a better health of her. May you find some quality time for her from those professional commitments. She will be happy to find You; her real hands around.

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