A Long Inning….



A strange combination of digits, isn’t it. Today’sdate has three 8s in it and that makes it a strange combination but I treasure this day for another reason as well. Today I have completed 22 years of having joined this Institute as a faculty.

I am really thnkful to God that I still have passion towards the job that i undertook some 22 years ago! Apart from few hiccups my long innings has been a wonderful experience and I hope to play a long inning before I call it a day!

5 thoughts on “A Long Inning….

  1. Congrats Aunty ji,

    Thanks the Govt. job and your patience that you are still there for 22 years contributing to the rise of an institute and thousands of careers…

    Here in private jobs , after 2.2 year.. people do look for a change.. 🙂


  2. Dear Mam. . .

    Your dedication to decorate the future of thousands of the technical hands with your cognitio is appreciable. . . And in coming future i expect more and more from your side. . .

    Regards. . .
    Dr.Abhay Kumar
    Medical College,Gaya

  3. Shashank

    In these 22 years of life you have guided many of your students in their careers..Irrespective of what people say,for your students you are an unfading light which is always there to guide them..I wish you will be at NIT forever.

  4. Asheesh

    Saroj Mam,
    I can proudly say that the interactions and discussions with you in college helped me enourmously.
    These 22 yrs @RECH/NITH have benefited countless fellow alumni, engineers and architects.

    This Blog is keeping that link intact, Great Achievement and thanks.

    Asheesh Pandey
    Batch of 2000.

  5. I agree with Asheesh completely… although unlike him i didnt get as many chances to have those interactions (If i am not wrong he was the editor of the college magazine…and i was turned down for the position in a different year)…
    But still …your classes were the ones i looked forward to 🙂

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