Life at a home bereft of its soul…

6 August, 2008


How do you enter a home that is littered with the ramnants of a cheerful and bubbly inhabitants who have left the home, leaving behind the memories only. The scattered clothes, books and other paraphernaliia speaks of the last minute dilemma that my little one must have had, “to carry or not to carry?” The weighing machine surrounded with so many of her belongings speaks of the indecisiveness that she must have faced and more so when I was not there with her. The home is still filled withtheir presence, albeit in a different manner. I was surprised to see how many closthes, shoes and other things both of them had though all the time I would hear them lamenting the fact that there was not henoough of either clothes or shoes. Oh! what a wastage of money! ….to be continued

One thought on “Life at a home bereft of its soul…

  1. I was googleing my name, as I do from time to time and I came across my name on your site. I was wondering how did my name end up under your site? Becuase when I went to your site there is no reference to my name at all.
    I would love to hear from you.

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