The Emotions I tried masking…

1 August, 2008


My son acted big and brave when he boarded the bus for Delhi, perhaps he, too, like us relegated the feelings and emotions that surge up when you know that it would be a long time before we would meet once again! Or perhaps he, too, like us was not feeling the separation pangs as he knew that we would be travelling to Delhi on Sunday to see him off. Whatever may have been the reason but all of us played our part very well and there was no family drama, no parting hysteric scenes at the Bus-stand. But once the buss moved away–I started having a tingling sensation in my nostrils, a ver yfamiliar sensation since my early childhood when thei tingling would herald my weeping sessions. The little one said, “come Ma we’ll go to Kiran Aunty’s home, you will feel better talking to your childhood fried.”….to be continued

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